Universitätsverlag Brockmeyer
knjigarna Universitätsverlag Brockmeyer
Universitätsverlag Brockmeyer

Im Haarmannsbusch 112

44797 BOCHUM


Tel.: 0043 234 9791600

Fax: 0043 234 9791601

E- mail: info@brockmeyer-verlag.de

Homepage: www.brockmeyer-online.de

The publishing company was established in 1974 by Dr. Norbert Brockmeyer M.A. Since then they have published numerous books of different authors, mainly from universtities of Ruhrgebiets, as well as belletristic titles, among which aphorisms as a an important part, entertaining novels, empathetic lyric poetry and informative biographies.

The scientific part of the titles involves mainly linguisticscriminology and history.

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