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Korekt plus, d.o.o., has a long tradition as we have been present since 1989, first as a company called Korekt, d.o.o. offering English and German private lessons. Since 1999 the company has developed into a successful language school, a translation company and a printing house. You can find us at our headquarters in Zgornja Draga 4a, 1294 Višnja Gora, Slovenia. 

We have over 20 years of experience in teaching German and English. The long existence of our company speaks for its success. Our success is evident from our kindness to clients with every type of requirements. Our goal is to teach German and English in the best possible way. We can understand your individual needs as a learner and have the flexibility and skill to adapt to them, helping you learn as much as possible. We have developed courses and teaching methods which inspire, motivate, and most of all, deliver the language progress you want.  

Our attendants are school children, students and adults. They learn in groups of 3-5 people, in pairs or individually. We especially focus on those who have great difficulty in learning foreign languages. 

We have helped quite many attendants and are happy to be able to offer our teaching to any new individuals willing to learn something new or to expand their existing knowledge. During our lessons we use different teaching methods and a various range of our own and other grammar books. 

Our grammar and exercise books, which you can find in our online shop, are being used at different primary, grammar schools, among teachers, pupils, students and adults throughout Slovenia. We are doing our best to enable English and German learners to get their knowledge by studying simple explanations of grammar rules and by following useful tipps. 

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