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Lilijana Štepic, born in 1964, started giving her first private lessons to her classmates while being at secondary school. After finishing her language studies at the Faculty of Philosophy in Ljubljana she founded her own language school in 1989, where she taught German and English.

In 1997, she published her first practice-based English grammar and exercise book, which  sold out in less than one month, and so she started her successful writing career. In the following years, ten more grammar books (Angleščina po slovensko I, II, Ali je angleščina v 1., 2., 3., 4. letniku srednje šole res tako težka, Angleški časi za osnovno šolo, Vaje iz angleških časov za osnovno šolo …) were published, which have become well spread and known among pupils, students and adults throughout Slovenia.

In 2010, her first German-English grammar book  Erlernen wir die englischen Zeiten was released, which she entered the German market with.

Today she runs her language school, teaches German and English, does translation work, writes further German and English grammar books as well as novels and children's books.



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